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There are two rules here in tumblr land, 1) always reblog pictures of UP 2) always reblog pictures of Zac Efron (those good looks need to be shared). Other than it's pretty laid back here. I hope you like it, and if not well... sucks to be you... ;) I kid. I'm actually a nice person. Feel free to message me if you don't believe it.
Warning: Extreme sarcasm is common in this blog.

Permalink So this started today…. #itsreallife #LAbound @grodriguez217
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Permalink Happy #nationaldogday. She’s my best friend! I’m gonna miss her so much!
Permalink The most precious little boy! #proudauntie #roreyjamesdee
Permalink They’re the cutest… @deeset68 @bakkermat7
Permalink Happy birthday MeHanSolo (@meghanbakk ) You’re the best “little sister” I could ever ask for! I love you so much!! I hope it’s the greatest birthday ever!
Permalink Gonna miss church today so I’m reading my Bible on my phone in the car. #technologyisgood #Romans5 #romansismyfavorite
Permalink Red team!!! #colorwars2014 (at The Cause Youth Network)
Permalink Love this!
Permalink The boys haven’t taken the bus all year, she still waits for them everyday when it stops. #poorpuppy #shegetssoexcited @djswagmastrking @deeset68
Permalink She looks pretty comfy!!
Permalink I guess I’m big kid now I get to sit at my own table! #tippitstietheknot
Permalink Obsessed!!!