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There are two rules here in tumblr land, 1) always reblog pictures of UP 2) always reblog pictures of Zac Efron (those good looks need to be shared). Other than it's pretty laid back here. I hope you like it, and if not well... sucks to be you... ;) I kid. I'm actually a nice person. Feel free to message me if you don't believe it.
Warning: Extreme sarcasm is common in this blog.

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Permalink This is one of the best quotes of all time! If only everyone in our culture would realize this.
Permalink WCW these two girls are sooooo great! Love having them as little sisters! @res323 @meghanbakk
Permalink Not the cool box steelbook like advertised but it’s still beautiful!
Permalink My really cute card from everyone at work. I think I have the best job. :)
Permalink Cuz tomorrow is my birthday!!! Surprise party :) thanks @nurselaurenbrown @lyssa_louisee @hannahstaub
Permalink Already a proud auntie! :)
Permalink She pretty comfy with that pillow… #cutestdog #kryahgram
Permalink She’s so cute!!! #allthemwrinkles #cutestdog
Permalink Hey I know them! #coolestpastor @maneal1987 @ronjohnsonjr @marionajohnson